Saturday, December 13, 2008

10 Things

Yesterday my oldest (but NOT old) sister celebrated her birthday. I cannot begin to express how grateful and blessed I am to be best friends with my 2 sisters. Not only are they the people I can call at any time of day or night (and have!), but they are truly amazing. I thought I would list a few (okay...ten) things about Kelly that you may or may not know.
1. Kelly loves to be busy. I think all of us girls are this way. Don't get me wrong....we love our nights on the couch watching TV. But at any given time you can be sure we probably have at least 46 projects in the making.
2. Kelly loves music. Growing up, Kristy and I would always sing while she played the piano. I have great memories of the music from the piano filling our whole house. And it also was quite convenient when we would play church. (Plus, I got to eat more bread and drink more "wine" while she was playing the Communion song).
3. Kelly is an amazing teacher. Although she no longer teaches at a school, she teaches her daughters each and every day. I tend to think "once a teacher, always a teacher" - at least the good ones. And to me, Kelly will always be a teacher.
4. Kelly is very loyal. As a friend, as a sister, as a wife, as a daughter....she is very committed to those she loves.
5. Kelly is a Handy Manny. She has always been the one to put furniture together (successfully), decorate beautifully, and to re-do every single room in her house. :-) She get it from her mama.
6. Kelly has black hair. Just kidding. But she hates it when I say that.
7. Kelly is very sensitive. I am, too, and I see it as a very positive thing. She is very moved by the things that she sees that might not phase others.
8. Kelly is one of the best mothers I know. She is patient, kind, caring, and nurturing, yet she also has so much FUN with her girls. She truly was born to be a mother, as was Kristy.
9. Kelly loves to help others. I can be the first to attest to this. There have been a couple times when Kelly has received a phone call from me in the middle of the night - one of those times when Grace was only a few months old. And you know what? Kelly got out of bed to help me. (*Waves to Keith* - thank you, too, Keith!) I will never, EVER forget her generosity on that night, or the generosity she continues to show to all of her loved ones.
10. Kelly loves, and is very loved. With her back surgery last weekend, you could not believe how many friends and family members (esp. a gorgeous younger sister....*thanks, Kristy!*) were there to help in whatever way they could. I think we all know that Kelly would have done the same, if not more, for any of us.
These are just a few things about Kelly that make me proud to call her my sister and my best friend.
We love you, Kel!