Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Done with Week 1!

Today was my first weigh-in with the Sisterhood, and I lost 4 pounds! Although there is a little part of me that thinks I could have done better, I am pretty happy with my week. I worked out everyday and ate fairly well. I decided that week one I wanted to focus on getting my workouts in and making healthy food choices. I tried to eat an appropriate number of calories, but there was one night when I was still hungry and had a bowl of cereal (it was Raisin Bran, so that's not too bad, right?). Keith and I also had a date night for the first time in a while. We went to Bonefish Grill and I ordered fish with a glass of wine. We also split ice cream later. I know I ate more than I should have, but it's not like we get date nights that often!

This week I'm going to continue to focus on my workouts, which have included Shredding every day as well as another form of cardio most days. This past Saturday I did not Shred since we took an hour-and-a-half-long hike, did yardwork during naptime (lots of digging!), and I cleaned the house from top to bottom later that afternoon. There was just no way I could Shred! I did my video first thing this morning for the first time. I've been doing it during naptime or right after the girls go to bed, but I wanted to see how I felt doing it in the morning. The girls even joined me for the warm-up, then went back to reading their books:

My second goal for the week is to only eat one serving per day of whatever I'm eating. For example, I'm guilty of eating something and wanting another helping that I don't need. So in order to help balance out my diet and allow room for healthier foods, I'm only going to have one serving per food per day. So even though I'd love that second serving of pretzels, I will have to pass. And if that serving of casserole doesn't fill me up, then I will need to load up on the broccoli.

Hopefully I will continue to see results!