Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sordid Survey. Just kidding. Kind of., I know this is v. cheesy, but sometimes I love these cheesy things. (Plus I loved doing this while I was at work). You know how sometimes you get those e-mail surveys from someone you THINK you know well? Like...say...your father? And you find out something that completely shocks you? Like...say...he's not wearing any underwear? Yeah. Well, girls, I hope YOU are wearing your underwear. But there are a few things we might find out that we didn't know before. Feel free to add any extra questions of your own. But remember, this is a FAMILY friendly blog. And pleeeease do it so I have something to read at work. :-)

Favorite childhood vacation: Our first trip to Florida. I was in the 3rd grade, which at the time seemed so old to be seeing the ocean for the first time! I love that I can still remember the excitement of it all. I had no fears of the ocean at the time, and we boogie boarded our little hearts out. Plus, that was the time (I think) Kristy got pooped on by a bird at the beach.

Favorite childhood TV show: Little House on the Prairie. I blame my high sensitivity level on that show.

Most memorable fight: Definitely when Kristy called me out in the parking lot in High School. I LOVE retelling that story in person. Kristy loves it when I do that, too.

Something that you thought in childhood you'd have as an adult, but you don't: A job I love! Ha! That and a Mercedes or BMW. Remember "MASH" and "MATH"? I always had a "Ferrari" or "BMW" or something. I'm happy with my Honda, thank you very much.

Something you never thought you'd do, but now you have: Run a full marathon. I always thought those people were NUTS.

Something you were scared of in childhood, but now you aren't: Spending the night away from home. Seriously. I had SERIOUS homesickness issues! My kids will be spending the night at various relatives the week I'm home from the hospital.

Best childhood game: Tie between "Life" and "Mall Madness". I was always pissed if I didn't get at least 2 kids in "Life!" And I still want to open a store called "The Fashion Bou-tique."

Best childhood toy: All of my baby dolls. I seriously loved playing house until I was way 5th grade or something! Weird, I know. Nowadays, kids that age don't just PLAY house, they....well, you know.

Best song from the 80's: This is obviously very hard, as there are MANY great songs from that lovely decade. I would have to say Belinda Carlisle, Tiffany and the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack bring back some great memories, but I will never forget dancing to "Ghost Buster" (we changed it to "Dust Buster") and "Michael Jackson" (Thriller) on our RECORD player.

How many kids you wanted then? Now? Um, 12-18. I had a friend who had 15 siblings, and it looked crazy/fun (not Crazy/Beautiful). Now, I probably could only afford one, but I'd love 3 or 4.

Any scars? It's kind of gone away, but I did have one on my forehead. My cousin was lifting a dumbbell (10-20 pounds?) and dropped it on my head when I was 4. I remember it hurting SO badly, but then my parents took me to Hardee's when I got out of the hospital and bought me a Pound Puppy. And all was right with the world again.

Three words to describe Kristy: Positive, selfless, and hilarious

Three words to describe Kelly: Bails me out. Ha! j/k (um...) No, seriously - Helpful, funny and talented

Best lie/prank you ever told/pulled: I REALLY wanted a baby sister. I made a new friend, Kristen, in 2nd grade, and told her that I had a baby sister, Amy. I kept this up for weeks, and even brought in a baby picture (of me) to show her "Amy." When Kristen came over for the first time, she wanted to meet Amy. Conveniently, she was sleeping all day and didn't make a peep. One day, Kristen even came over and asked my mom, "Where's Holly's sister?" and my mom said something like, "Oh, she's not here right now. She's at a friend's house." (Thinking Kristen meant Kelly or Kristy). I'd like to think I wasn't devious in nature...I just REALLY wanted a baby sister.

What you love most about having a sister: Built-in best friends! Like mom always told me (and sorry, mom, for rolling my eyes), friends will come and go, but family lasts forever. Plus, I love to borrow their shoes and clothes.

What you like about your personality, and what you'd change: I like that I love to laugh and love to make others laugh. If I could change something, though, I would want thicker skin.

One thing your sisters might not know about you: This is tough! I have a love child. Just kidding. I can think of a few (things you might not know....not love children), but none that are appropriate here. :-) I guess you know all the big stuff, so we'll go for something small that you might not know. I have a spreadsheet that lists all of the people I've been set up with or dated in the last few years. My friend, Molly, and I both did them at work. It's actually pretty funny. As you can imagine, I made some of the columns a


Mommy KW said...

Great post title! See, I knew you'd be a natural. I would probably title it, "All I need to know about Holly I learned in her first blog post," but that's just me. ;)

I think many of my answers would be the same:

Best vacation- FL, although I was in 8th grade the first time I saw the ocean!

TV show- Little House

Fight- I never fought. Ha! I think it was when I threw the Pringles can at you. Don't you still have a scar?

Something I thought I'd have as an adult- a cat? Not sure on this one.

Something I never thought I'd do: have two blogs? Seriously, my brain is dead tonight.

Scared of: the dark. I used to sleep with a light on, but now I (usually) don't.

Best game: Life or Go For It!

Best toy: I loved my Real Baby

Best 80s song: "Lost in Your Eyes" by Debbie Gibson is one I recently heard...gosh, there are SO many! There are tons of great 80s songs!

Kids- then: 3-4 now: 3-4

Scars: one between my eyebrows from chicken pox, one on my right hand from when I shut my grandma's car door on it, and one 6-inch C-section scar, which is actually fading very nicely!

Three words to describe Kristy: smart, funny, caring

Three words to describe Holly: amusing, intelligent, thoughtful

Best prank: Hmmm....I'll have to keep thinking about that one

What I love most about having sisters: As Holly said, they are built-in best friends. I cried when I had Grace, but I cried even more when Clare was born. I would have loved a boy, but was so thankful that Grace had a sister, because I know just how important my sisters are to me! Plus, that means that we will probably have at least one more kid to try for that boy- ha! If Grace had been a boy, I would've loved to have another boy, too. :)

Personality: I think I'm a really good listener. I may not have advice, but I try to listen to people and want them to confide in me. I wish I could change my shyness. When I first pledged my sorority in college, the girls called me "mute girl" because I was SO PAINFULLY QUIET. I still am!

One thing your sisters might not know about you: Gosh, I think they know everything!

starfitch said...

I love it!!! Yay for Holly blogging, finally. As a fellow Sister-of-Two, I shall enjoy reading of your memories and adventures.

Holly, I think that spreadsheet is the funniest thing ever and for some reason that episode of SATC with Miranda making "the list" cames to mind.... :-)

Emily said...

Holly, the spreadsheet makes me think of a recent episode of "The Moment of Truth" when some guy had to admit he had a spreadsheet of all the women he had dated, too. How funny! I want to know how many entries you have.

Emily said...

Oh, and are notpainfully quiet in my opinion. I guess the quiet thing is only for strangers. ;)

Aunt H said...

I am totally spacing on that episode of SATC, that the one where Samantha tries to make a list of her partners?

Emily, you watch that horrible show?! Just kidding. Of course I've seen it, too. :-) I am always on the fence on whether or not I would do it. I think I maybe would.

Emily said...

Holly, I don't really have a lot to hide in my life because thankfully I haven't done a lot of horrible things. However, they make some of the things they ask sound so horrible because even if you have done it once, you have to say yes. For example, "Have you ever stolen anything from work?" (Um yes. Computer paper. Maybe a pen? Do these things count?) "Have you ever had an alcoholic drink while you were pregnant?" (Um, yes. A glass of wine, a few sips of champagne, and a margarita--three different instances. Does this make me a horrible person?) Now the whole "Have you ever cheated on your husband?" thing I WOULDN'T want to have to answer publicly. haha. JK THE ANSWER IS NO! DUH!