Friday, August 1, 2008

My Name is Zoom, and I Live on the Moon...

...and I came down to earth, just to sing you this tune!

When we were growing up, Kristy and I always loved to play together. We played house, QVC, church, school, Crackel Barrel, wrote songs (and performed them with our airdrums), we were TV anchors...let's just say our resumes were quite impressive by the age of 8. Our relationship changed as we approached High School and sisters were suddenly NOT cool. When I became an "only child" after she went to IU, I absolutely hated it. I actually missed her! That was when I realized what my mom had been telling me my WHOLE life was true: Friends might come and go, but your sisters will be your friends forever.

Kristy is an amazing, special, one of a kind person. She is the most compassionate person I know and truly doesn't have an evil bone in her body. Even if someone has mistreated her or disrespected her in some way, you can tell SHE almost feels guilty about it. I know...right??!!!

Kristy, thank you for being a shoulder to lean on (and cry on), my best friend, and someone who will always love me for who I am despite the mistakes I might make. (errr....the mistakes I HAVE made). You are one of the best people on this planet, and I know having you in my life has made me a better person.

We all love you so much. Happy Birthday, girl!



IUgirl78 said...

Awwww...that was the sweetest post ever!!! You give me way too much credit and tend to put me on a pedestal...not that I mind! :) I love the trip down memory lane...I forgot we tried to be news anchors! (Now back to Holly in the studio...) Too funny!

And thank you SO MUCH for not putting my 8th grade pictures on here! :) I love you, girls!!!!

Leslie said...

Holly, that is so sweet! What a well written note to your amazing sis. I too, think Kristy is pretty darn awesome (as are all of you sisters) and have loved getting to know you all.

But really..pretending to be on QVC? that is hysterical :) I wish digital cameras were around back then so I could see more pics (especially of the 8th grads variety).

Mommy KW said...

Happy Birthday, Kristy! I hope you enjoyed your day. You know, I never had a party for MY 30th (hint,hint). :) Just kidding! I'm glad that we could spend the day together talking and shopping- my idea of a great time! You are loved by many!

Oh, and Holly- I thought I was your BFF?????!!!!???? (sob,sob) j/k!

Aunt H said...

Um....yeah. We figured the 8th grade blue glasses phase didn't need to be put on the 'net. At least, not YET!

Oh, Leslie....and we were GOOD QVC sales people. I mean, you would have paid $30 for a candy necklace from me! It was so much fun, though. I always remember stuff like that over any toys that we had. Girls are so creative, aren't they? We don't need trucks and video games to have a good time. :-)

And, Kel, of course you are my BFF, too. Just wait until 12/12. :-)

Aunt H said...

And Kristy, you sound like dad - you deserve that pedestal! (Glad you spelled it first, I always struggle with that one).

Emily said...

Holly, that WAS a very sweet post. There is something truly special about the bond of sisters. You three are so lucky to have one another and live in close proximity so you can share your lives together (plus the free babysitting is a bonus for Kristy and Kelly).

BTW, remind me to tell you a hilarious story about the birthday record you referenced in this post title next time I see you.