Friday, September 5, 2008

Must-see TV

I'm in BIG trouble. The fall shows have started, and I am already behind! Although I won't complain that there ARE actually shows to be watched this season, I may have to edit my list of must-see TV. It was helpful this spring when I could go to the Y at night during one of the shows and workout, but since my back is (still!) hurting me the only thing I've been able to do is swim- not conducive for television viewing! SO, this list will probably be reviewed in a few weeks, once even more shows have started. For now here is what I'm watching:

-90210: I just had to watch it. I'm not sure if I'll keep watching it, but I saw the premiere.

- The Hills: Not really sure WHY I watch it, but I guess I'm just living the So Cal life vicariously through these girls.

- Exiled: No comment. :)

- Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency: Again, no comment. Come on! Not ALL the good shows have started yet!

- America's Next Top Model: Gotta love the drama.*

Here is a list of shows that I can't wait to watch once they start in a few weeks:

- Dirty Sexy Money*

- Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island

- Real World

- The Office**

- Samantha Who?*

- Dr. 90210 (starts Monday!)

- The Biggest Loser*

And with that, I think I've listed them all. The last one sums up pretty much how I feel after listing all of these shows! You'd think that all I do all day is watch TV, but that is really not the case. In reality, I don't even catch all of these shows except for my favorites (denoted with *). I usually watch 20 minutes of a show during naptime and save the rest for the evening. I suppose that is why I stay up so late! Luckily I've read a lot this summer, so that counts for something, right? Bring on the mindless shows!!!!!

Any other good ones I'm missing?

Oh, and by the way- since I DVR all of my shows I do eliminate the commercials. Can you tell I'm trying to justify this to myself? :)


IUgirl78 said...

Love the list of shows, Kel! You are missing TWO great ones on your list, though. "House" and "Grey's Anatomy" are my absolute must-see shows. You're not too far behind in either one--especially "House." There is not a lot of background you need to know. And I can catch you up really quickly with "Grey's." Meredith loves McDreamy and they are on again/off again. With that being said, I'm not sure if they're currently on or off...

Aunt H said...

I am sooooo excited for "House" and "Grey's" - and "Gossip Girl" has already started, so I'm a happy girl. Guess now I will just have to save so I can get cable, huh? :-) Oh, well....that's what sisters (or their DVRs) are for! hahahaha

Leslie said...

McDreamy all the way! I didn't watch until last year but I am hooked. I am with you on the biggest loser and any junk/reality TV really.

I think Meredith and McDreamy are on, Kristy :) They ended the season kissing on the land they had purchased.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the other day about how I don't have a single show I "have" to watch on a regular basis.. or that I even try to watch on a regular basis. I'm actually kind of proud of myself, as most people I know are addicted to horrible reality shows.

Liz said...

Oh yeah, Grey's! Can't forget McDreamy!


Emily said...

Please update me! I'm struggling to survive! --Your Blog (speaking through Emily)

moosh in indy. said...

My Own Worst Enemy is rekindling a long forgotten crush on Christian Slater.
Two episodes in, not bad.
I still love Burn Notice on TBS, good crap that man is beautiful.