Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best Job Ever?

I was perusing Yahoo! tonight and came across this article on the best job in the world. For 6 months, you live on an island in Australia and basically sell it to tourists- all for a salary equivalent to $100,000 US dollars. Not too bad, huh? Now I'm not the type of person who loves to rough it so this may not be the best job for me, but considering the length of employment and the salary I could probably learn to deal with it.

Ever since I was 7 I wanted to be a teacher- it was my "best job ever." After teaching for 9 years I still have fond memories, but the longer I'm away from it the more I think I may be called to do something different when it is time to go back to work. It may be education-related, or may be completely unrelated. Here are some recent thoughts I've had:

1. A preschool teacher (2-yr-olds). This would be once my babies are bigger, and I wish they were babies again. The upside? No conferences. The downside? More poop.

2. The Director of Education Scheduling at Clowes Memorial Hall. This is not the official title, but I read about this job recently in the paper. Basically you'd be in charge of scheduling shows for school-aged children, and doing the research behind the standards taught in the shows. I think. It sounds kind of cool, though!

3. Start my own business. Right now I have no idea what that would be.

4. Go back to school. I don't know what for, though.

Luckily I (think I) have plenty of time to figure out what to do from here since I'm not planning on going back to work anytime soon. Right now my best job is being a wife and mother, but if I had to pick an actual paying job I don't know what my best job would be. What would YOUR best job be? Maybe you can give me inspiration. :)


Leslie said...

Best job for me? It would definitely include something with music! I always wanted to work at a local theater in a behind the scenes roll (think back up singer). Music is such an inspiration for me, so I would love to keep with it and find "something" I could do. I thought of majoring in music in college but was worried about making my hobby a profession, if that makes any sense?

How about opening a para sailing business in the Caribbean? Yes, it involves moving and probably learning how to para sail, but the lady on deal or no deal was going to do and I thought...there is a no stress job for you :)

I am with you though...mommy and wife is the best fit for me, for sure!

IUgirl78 said...

The sad thing is, Kelly was/is SUCH a fabulous teacher! Just the other day we ran into a parent from the school who said to Kelly, "We're ready for you to come back any time!"

The funny thing is that I went back and forth between being a teacher or a nurse. If I ever left teaching (which I cannot imagine b/c I love it so much), I would love to be a nurse. Maybe then I'd have good health benefits!

Aunt H said...

Number 3! Number 3! Then hire me. :-)

I am with Leslie - would LOVE to do something related to music. But really I just want to be doing something where I am helping others...if I could do things over (i.e. have a straight head and not drink so much in college) I would be a counselor or therapist.

I agree with Kris, though - you are/were an amazing teacher!

Emily said...

Kelly, I read this post a LONG time ago and apparently never commented. It is so funny how many of the jobs you are interested in are jobs that I have always thought of, too! I would LOVE to do something behind the scenes at a theater - like in promotions/publicity. I also would love to work for a non-profit like The Little Red Door or Lung Association or similar. Just recently, like Kristy, I starting thinking about nursing and if I would make a good nurse. Not sure I would want to deal with all of that bodily fluid, so I'm thinking the answer to that one is "no." I have also considered school counseling, which is probably one of the most appealing to me, so maybe that is where I am headed in the future.

It seems like such a "far off" thing to think about right now, but at the rate our kids are going, we'll be back in the workplace before we know it. :( That means we are getting old.