Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Holly!!

Today we celebrated our little big sister's birthday. No, that wasn't a typo. I always call Holly my little "big" sister since she's taller than me. :)

Here are 10 things we love about Holly.

1) Holly is such a hard worker! She always has several jobs--whether it be teaching or working at Marsh, she is always tutoring and/or babysitting on her "time off." She makes me look pretty lazy! :)

2) Holly loves to exercise and stay healthy. She is always trying some crazy new workout regime, but is consistent in that she is always wanting to do something. Just as in her job, she puts 100% of herself into her workouts.

3) Holly has run 3 marathons--including the Boston Marathon, which she qualified for by running 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 35 minutes or something crazy like that. She rocks.

4) Holly loves kids...and they love her! Of course our kids are crazy about their Aunt Hawa, but even the kids she babysits for or used to teach just adore her.

5) Holly once snuck into the sacristy at my grandparents' church and helped herself to some Communion hosts, before she had even gone through First Communion. Now that I think about it, I'm surprised she didn't get ahold of the wine...

6) Holly loves to help other people--especially her friends and family. I don't know how many times she has come to help us stain our decks, paint rooms in our houses, watch our kids, get water out of our basements--oh, wait--that was just my basement. (Thanks, Holly!)

7) Holly loves to cook and bake. Over the past several years, she has acquired quite an extensive recipe collection. She is constantly searching for and finding new recipes and trying them out on the family. Of course we're happy to reap the benefits of that one! :)

8) Holly spent the first half of her life with straight hair. She got a perm when she was 13 or 14 and the curl just never went away. Now THAT's a permanent perm! :)

9) Holly is a loyal friend/sister. She has always been there to help me through rough patches in my life, and is always there to listen to me or give advice. I also say she is loyal because she is very defensive of her family and would do anything for any one of us. Well, except maybe Joel. Ha!

10) Holly loves to laugh and to make other people laugh. We are always quoting our favorite lines from "Airplane" and can laugh about the same line over and over again. ("A hospital? What is it?" "It's a large building with doctors who treat patients. But that's not important right now.") She has great one-liners and will even laugh at herself--which is just too cute.

The sisters at one of my baby showers.
Holly and Kelly on vacation.
Holly with Baby Clare.
Reese and Ryan with Aunt Holly at a wedding in 2007.
We love you, Holland!