Monday, November 24, 2008

Mi casa es su casa

So I've officially been in my house for 6 weeks (well, 4 with my heat being broken the past 2 weeks). I thought I'd let you peek inside - you know, in a completely non-stalkerish way. I don't have pictures of the upstairs yet, but here is the downstairs and outside...

La cucina.

Dining Room

I'm working on furniture, although the hydrangea plant in the corner is lovely.

Living Room

Back of the house

I really wanted a decent sized backyard, which was hard to find in my price range. But this yard is actually pretty big - big enough to have all those wild, raging parties, you know. It had NO PLANTS whatsoever (unless you include over 342 types of weeds), so I had those two trees planted and - if you can squint - I planted the 4 dogwood bushes back there.

Now...this was my first attempt in ever planting something other than flowers. It was fairly cold that day (maybe 50 degrees and cloudy), and the shovel wouldn't break ground. So I found this tool in my garage....

...and used it to plant 5 1/2 bushes. I'm sure it was a hilarious sight to see. Thanks to my dad who so graciously planted the 1 1/2 I had left. :-)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Move Over, Pioneer Woman...

...because I can cook, too!

Lunch time has always been one of the most difficult meals for me. I get home around 12:15-12:30 p.m. and am starving by then--considering the fact that I eat breakfast at 6:30 a.m. So when I want to eat, I want to eat. As many of my friends and family members know, I've been eating turkey sandwiches for lunch for the past 12 years or so and am officially tired of them now. (Gasp!) I recently discovered an old friend of mine:
The Snackster

The Snackster and I go way back to grade school. (Don't worry--this isn't the original Snackster. I've had to replace it since then.) I was home from school one day because I was sick and spent most of the day watching an informercial on The Snackmaster. My mom came home from work that evening and I told her all about this product and how you can make pancakes, egg McMuffins, mini-pizzas, and tuna pockets. Her response was, "But you don't even like egg McMuffins or tuna!" So obviously I didn't have her sold on the product at that point. Luckily for me, a generic version of the Snackmaster came out in the stores a few months later, and she let me buy it.

The Snackster even came with me to my college dorm room, where I made many mini-pizzas. In fact, when I came back during Christmas break for Rush (to join a sorority), the cafeterias were closed for a whole week. I remember taking orders from girls down the hall and making a bunch of pizzas so we didn't have to call a taxi and go out to eat.
So, I know I'm no Pioneer Woman, but I sure can cook up a mean mini-pizza!

Lunch is ready! (Eat your heart out, Pioneer Woman.)