Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Ode to Kristy

I love my dear sister, we all call her Kris.

But don't call her this, 'cause Joel will get pissed.

She is oh so sweet, that sister of mine.
And she looks like me - Oh YEAH, she is FIIIINE.

She's selfless and caring, and good for a joke.
For a smile? She's cheap! McD's Diet Coke.

As kids we fought often, some words were exchanged.
"Ghetto booty!" "Jello jigglers!", were just two nicknames.

But as we got older, one major thing changed.
She saw me as sweet, and not so deranged.

We soon became friends, and no longer fought.
She went on to teach, wed a guy who is HAWT.

Motherhood suits her, she's patient and fair.
She passed on her humor, her infamous hair.

Devoted and loyal, defines her so well.
The old hanger story? Don't worry... I won't tell. ;-)

Changed though we are, she's become quite the gal.
I love my sis, Kristy, she's my very best pal.

Happy Birthday, Kristy! We love you!