Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Ode to Kristy

I love my dear sister, we all call her Kris.

But don't call her this, 'cause Joel will get pissed.

She is oh so sweet, that sister of mine.
And she looks like me - Oh YEAH, she is FIIIINE.

She's selfless and caring, and good for a joke.
For a smile? She's cheap! McD's Diet Coke.

As kids we fought often, some words were exchanged.
"Ghetto booty!" "Jello jigglers!", were just two nicknames.

But as we got older, one major thing changed.
She saw me as sweet, and not so deranged.

We soon became friends, and no longer fought.
She went on to teach, wed a guy who is HAWT.

Motherhood suits her, she's patient and fair.
She passed on her humor, her infamous hair.

Devoted and loyal, defines her so well.
The old hanger story? Don't worry... I won't tell. ;-)

Changed though we are, she's become quite the gal.
I love my sis, Kristy, she's my very best pal.

Happy Birthday, Kristy! We love you!


Leslie said...

Holly, I was wondering which sister wrote this as both you and Kelly are fiiiine :)

Such a cute post! I would try and do something that rhymes but seriously....I am not that good!

Happy Birthday, Kristy!!!!

IUgirl78 said...

Holly, that is SO CUTE!!! I laughed so hard when I read it...especially about my Diet Cokes and marrying a "hawt" guy! That will definitely go to Joel's head...I'll have to remind him that you couldn't figure out another word that rhymed with "fought." :)

I do have one little complaint, though. Whoever said I no longer think of you as being deranged?? Ha! Just kidding--I totally love you! Thanks for the HOLLA, Holla!

braun brothers said...

What an adorable post! :) Holly, you are v. v. talented in poemnessnossity. ;)

Hope your birthday was wonderful, Kristy, just like you!

Mommy KW said...

Holly, this is great! I guess we know who got the writing genes in the family. It definitely wasn't me! :)

Happy B-day, Kristy!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Kristy! By the way, I didn't know Joel didn't like Kris....should we call you by your given name "Kristin" again? You were Kristin until you got into school and there was another Kristin in your class. Then there was Grandma Mick, who used to call you Krista alot!

Good job, Holly!