Thursday, May 29, 2008

Survey Answers--Kristy's Turn

Gosh, it's going to be tough to follow Holly's post, but I'll try...

Favorite childhood vacation: Our first trip to Florida was great, though getting pooped on by a seagull was not my most memorable time. I loved going to Disney, though, and trying to "surf" (boogie board) the waves.

Favorite childhood TV show: Little House on the Prairie. I think I've seen every episode and believe all children should have to watch it. I am not a crier but will will bawl like a baby during certain episodes.

Most memorable fight: Probably when my friend Natalie and I got into it at the bus stop and I kicked her in the shin with my Eastlands. I got in huge trouble for that!

Something that you thought in childhood you'd have as an adult, but you don't: A recording contract and a job as a leading lady on a daytime drama!! Seriously, I really thought I was destined to be a star. Then I realized you have to have a little thing called talent...or at least be an heiress like Paris Hilton.

Something you never thought you'd do, but now you have: Attend an NFL football game...and love it! I used to DESPISE football and never watched a game until college. Joel finally took me to a Colts game and explained every play to me. I seriously was always so annoyed in high school that someone would run with the ball and not get very far, then they'd take more time setting back up. Then it seemed like they would repeat this a million times during the possession. It seriously frustrated me to no end. Once Joel explained the first down, second down, etc., it all made so much sense! Now I would have to say that football is one of my favorite sports. Who knew?!?!

Something you were scared of in childhood, but now you aren't: I'm still scared of everything!! I was just telling my class the other day about my phobias. I guess the one I've outgrown the most is my fear of storms and bad weather. I used to fake being sick if the weather forecasters said we'd have severe thunderstorms with the threat of tornadoes.

Best childhood game: I'm with Holly on the tie between "Life" and "Mall Madness." We used to play each one for hours on end!

Best childhood toy: My Nintendo game system. We had so much fun staying up late playing Super Mario Brothers.

Best song from the 80's: Boy, there are tons that I could choose! My favorite ballads are "Africa" by Toto and "Lights" by Journey. My favorite songs that put me in a good mood are "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince and anything by Bon Jovi.

How many kids you wanted then? Now? I really thought I was going to have 12 and if not 12, at LEAST 6. Now I think we're done with 2. I'm so disappointed in myself.

Any scars? One by my eye. My friend's boyfriend was doing the drive and stop; drive and stop while I was running to catch up with the car. My friend reached back and flung the door open and when her boyfriend stopped the car, the door came back and hit me in the eye and knocked me out. Luckily I only needed the butterfly stitches.

Three words to describe Holly: Spontaneous, hilarious, and generous

Three words to describe Kelly: Compassionate, thoughtful, and intelligent

Best lie/prank you ever told/pulled: I can't really think of anything...isn't that sad? I'm not saying I never lied--just can't think of something.

What you love most about having a sister: I love having friends that I can call regardless of the time of day. I know they'll always be there for me and have to love me unconditionally, so I can really let my guard down around them. (Maybe sometimes too much!)

What you like about your personality, and what you'd change: I like that I'm approachable and people can open up to me. Sometimes I talk too much when I really should be listening.

One thing your sisters might not know about you: Mom and Dad told me I'm the favorite. Sorry, girls! (I'm totally kidding, by the way. Don't want to start any sibling rivalry.) Oh my...My life is an open book, so they have to know just about everything!!

Great survey, Holly! Did you make up these questions?


Pigtail Mama said...

Kristy, you are so funny! Oops, I guess I didn't realize that Holly wanted us to post our answers- I put them in the comment section of hers! :)

By the way, mom and dad only TELL you you're the favorite. They don't mean it, though. Hahaha!

Aunt H said...

Girls, that was great! Good job. Funny that we have a lot of the same answers. (Or NOT funny, copiers!!) Don't worry, Kristy. If it makes you feel better, I always thought you were destined for stardom, too. It's never too late! And Kelly I thought my Pringles scar had faded, but alas it has not. Who knew you could give such scars with a Pringles can, huh?