Monday, June 2, 2008

My Linda-ism

In our family, we have a saying for ditzy comments: Linda-isms. Here's mine for the week.

Two exectives, named Scott and Dixon, often call for my boss, Laura. They actually work for the company that owns Marsh, and they are based out of Florida. They are both like "Oz." Most of us haven't met them; we just know who they are. Anyway, Dixon called for my boss and needed her ASAP. I proceeded to go upstairs and found her talking to our CEO and CFO in the hallway. She can be a bit "Miranda Preistly" at times, so I interrupted them very nicely.

H: "Um, Laura? Scott Dixon is on the phone for you."

She looks at me as though I'm nuts.

L: "Who?" she asks.

H: "Scott DIXON." I pronunciate very clearly, like I do with the elderly who have bad hearing aids.

Our CEO laughs and pipes up, "You mean the Indy 500 winner?"

YEAH. Scott Dixon was the driver who won the race last weekend. Smartie here combined the two guys' names. If my boss had a better sense of humor, I would totally have put a "Helio Castroneves called while you were out" note on her desk.


Mommy KW said...

Hysterical. That's all I can say! :) We are all just full of Linda-isms, aren't we? I guess we get them honestly.

For those of you who don't know, my mom's name is Linda. She has been known to say things such as:

L: What is Keith's middle name?
Kelly: William.
L: Oh! So his initials are WWW!
Kelly: No, his first name is Keith!


L: If we are on route 46 East, where is 46 West?
My dad: Look out the back window.


My dad: What is the highest point in Florida?
L: This has to be a trick question. I think it is below sea level.

WE'RE DOOMED! WE'RE DOOMED! Just kidding, mom......

Grandma Linda said...

I can't believe you are making fun of your mother!!! : - ) Holly, that is a funny story - I especially like the "Helio called while you were out" idea!

Emily said...

Hahahaha! That is SO funny! Did you realize your mistake or did it take you a second to recognize what you had said? They were probably laughing at you all afternoon. I mean...laughing WITH you. Right.

I love your dad's line of "look out the back window."

IUgirl78 said...

That is the most hilarious story, Holly! In fact, it might be enough to start referring to other silly comments as Holly-isms. :)

I'm glad the CEO got a kick out of it--that's what matters, right?

My favorite Linda-ism was when we were in Atlanta near the Chattahoochee River. We were out one night looking for a place to eat when someone pointed out that everything around us was called "Chattahoochee _____" like Chattahoochee Nails, Chattahoochee Laundry, Chattahoochee Bar and Grill, etc.

My mom then pointed to a place and said, "That's strange...that one is just called Chatt hoochee!"

Then someone shouted out, "That's because the light bulb on the 'a' isn't working!"

We laughed so hard and made her get out so we could take her picture in front of the Chatt hoochee Tanning Salon...or whatever it was.

Love you, Mom!!!

Heather said...

Oh, Linda! I love her!
I think we all do eventually turn into our mothers. That's not such a bad future for you three - she's a good woman.