Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Oooops.....I meant horrible. Have you heard Heidi Montag's new track? Thanks to my stalking of, I did. I really, really wish that I hadn't. I can't ever get those 2 minutes and 50 seconds of my life back. Trust me, I could have done a whole lot with that time. Seriously, I just don't think you've got it, Heidi. So sorry.

And yes. I am 32 years old and I watch The Hills. I read the following on Eonline:

In case you had forgotten why The Hills is routinely the highest rated show for the 18-34 female demographic, we can’t figure it out either. Is it the margarine-thick tension you could cut with a breeze? Is it the way that the cast tells you what emotions they are feeling, since you can’t deduce it from their creepy, expressionless faces? Or are young women just really into watching other young women move food around the inside of their mouths? Please explain yourselves.

So there ARE people in their 30s who watch The Hills. Whew! I'm safe...


Ty's Mommy said...

You will never get that 2 minutes and 50 seconds back, you know!

I am still waiting on your weekly thoughts from the Bachelorette, you know. I was really upset this week and will still be waiting!

PS. I DVR The Hills. How sad is that?!?

Emily said...

Who doesn't DVR The Hills, Ty's Mommy? ;) There's no shame in wanting to see a glimpse of Brody Jenner here and there. Spencer and Heidi I could do without. I liked this dance track much better than her other song Higher. Whoa, does that mean she is...gulp...improving?

Aunt H said...

Okay, I couldn't finish the whole song. Was that "HEEEEIDDDIIII!" at the beginning???

I like Joel McHale's version of "Higher." "More boobs!" Sooooo funny.

I love me some Brody.

Mommy KW said...

Okay, Emily- I know what I'm going to get you for your birthday! HAHA! :) I do think the track has a good beat, but the words and the fact that yes, she says "Heidi", just kind of bug me! :)