Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's Up With That?

A few nights ago I went to my friend Emily's house to watch The Bachelorette. After a not-so-dramatic rose ceremony (and lots of chatting in-between), I left and stopped at Wal-mart on the way home. When I walked in the door it was close to midnight. Here are some questions I asked myself, and the answers I thought of as well:

1) Why are there always 32 people in each line at Wal-mart, even at midnight?

Um, I don't know, but I should: I worked there for 3 summers during college.

2) Why do I always manage to find 17 things I don't need, but forget the one thing that I stopped there for?

I don't know, but I do it at every store. It's not just at Wal-mart.

3) Why is there a 3-year-old shopping with her mom at midnight on a Monday?

I really, really have no idea. I promise I wasn't dreaming!

4) Why is it that when I'm just going to run in "real quick" I don't come out for an hour?

See question 2.

5) Why is it that I talked to my sister yesterday and she said, "I went to Wal-mart to get 4 things today. When I was walking out I looked at my receipt. I bought 33 things".

See, it is NOT just me!


starfitch said...

All very good points. I think it's a conspiracy.

Emily said...

It must have something to do with the lights. They suck you in and brainwash you into buying more than you need. No really, they are trying to help you "Save Money" and "Live Better."

Aunt H said...

I am the same at Target - that place is v. dangerous! I always spend more money than I intended.

Do you still have your cool blue Wal-Mart vest? I dare you to wear it on Halloween.

Aunt H said...

By the way, let me clarify my vote by adding that I don't WANT her to choose Jer-Bear, but I think she might.

starfitch said...

I demand you add another option to the poll...none of the above.

IUgirl78 said...

Wal-Mart stresses me out--period!!! The lines are always too long and super slow. But I have to give them props for having such low prices.

Aunt H said...

Oh....that is true, Jessica. I would change my answer if there were a "NOTA" option.

Heather said...

I love this blog! You guys are SO funny!!...I had forgotten how much so! And the Wal-Mart thing - I find myself never jetting in and out of any store when I'm there sans child...heck, I even go down the automotive aisles, just in case I might decide to learn how to change my own oil!