Friday, July 25, 2008


Last night I had to go into school to work on my room. I meant to go in much earlier in the evening, but it was just a crazy night. We got home late from Kohl's (where we lost Ryan and had people searching for him--that's another story) and had to get the kids in bed. It was at least nine o'clock before I left. I had to stop at Target on the way to get snacks for a playdate, so by then I was really running late. (It was about 9:40 by this time.)

Anyway, I drove along 116th Street and heard Jessica Simpson's old song called "With You" on the radio. I stopped at the stoplight and was just out of it, wondering how awkward this song is now that she and Nick aren't together anymore since she wrote it about her relationship with him. After the light turned green, I started driving and then saw police lights behind me. Yep, I was being pulled over! I had no idea what I had even done--besides listening to that horrible Jessica Simpson song and overanalyzing its current significance. I guess I was speeding down that 1/2 mile stretch of the road. YIKES! I had NO CLUE!!! Of course TWO police cars had to stop, which was even more humiliating. I was just so upset with myself but held it together as I didn't want to cry and look like I was trying to get out of anything. I still do not believe this, but he gave me a written warning. I had kept myself composed until he said that, then I just got choked up and muttered a "Thank you, sir."

So, thank you, Mr. Kind Officer for not giving me a ticket. That would have put a damper on my upcoming vacation and birthday!


Mommy KW said...

Oh, no! What a bad night. I can't believe you held it together in front of the police. I'm SO glad that you only got a warning, although I wouldn't have blamed them for giving you a ticket for listening to Jessica Simpson. :)

Cool story, closet Jessica Simpson fan.

(Do you know what I'm referencing there? My fave show- The Soup!)

Emily said...

OH MY! You are so lucky that you didn't get a ticket! I can't believe TWO cars pulled up. I mean, you are quite the suspicious character--blonde hair, middle-aged woman in Fishers. Boy do you fit the profile for vicious felon!

I also can't believe you lost Ryan at Kohl's. That must have been SO scary. I almost lost Gabby at Jo-Ann Fabrics one time when she was playing "hide and seek" around the corner of our aisle. Mommy popped out to say "Boo" and she was gone. It is just so frightening. Glad you found him and all was well!

Leslie said...

First off, I am so glad you didn't get a ticket. With that being said, I am chuckling at the whole story.....analyzing Jessica Simpson (shouldn't be too hard, if you know what I mean but I do like that Nick Lachey...he's yummy)and trying not to cry but my big question....did you tell Joel right away? When I got pulled over it took me at least a few days to muster up the courage to tell Jason. Why? Not sure but I was so bummed at getting pulled over...oh yeah, because I did get a ticket for over $150...oh that's why I didn't want to tell him.

Aunt H said...

Ummm, Emily....isn't middle-aged, like, 40 years old, not 29? ;-)

I am so glad you were able to get out of that ticket (i.e. work your Kristy charm). The REAL crime committed goes back to the song of choice. J/K, I actually don't mind that song (gasp!).

Of course I would go out shopping (if I were you) on your b-day and spend the $120 you SAVED by talking yourself out of that ticket. Yep, that's what I think!