Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If You Give Your Sisters Your Camera...**

...They're going to take some pictures.

And after they take some pictures...

...They're going to run out of ideas.
When they run out of ideas, they're going to pray.
And after they pray they're going to realize that their sister can easily upload their pictures to the internet,
...then they are going to wish their sister had never given them her camera.

Love you, girls! (You thought I'd forget, didn't you?) :)

**Adapted from "If You Give a Pig a Party."


Mommy KW said...

Somehow on the computer they don't look as funny as they did on your camera! Gosh, me, have you ever heard of FOUNDATION for that blotchy skin? Geesh!

Seriously, though, I think it was worth taking those pictures for this hilarious post! You are so funny (looking)! :)

Leslie said...

that is hilarious! I want to be part of your family...will you take one more girl in there?

Aunt H said...

Oh - my - goodness. I TOTALLY forgot about that! Thanks, Kristy, for not letting us forget.

You are so creative with your knock-off version! Do you think the publishers would be interested?

And, hey, I've heard of camera stealing sitations turning out a LOT more raunchy. Is that how you spell "raunchy"? It looks like "ranchy".

Leslie, of course we will take you! You already have the back/neck injuries, so you'd fit right in.

Grandma Linda said...

OH, how cute!